SLP Publishing House

Formerly Known As SLP Media Sdn Bhd


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SLP Publishing House is a Malaysia-based multimedia and CD production company focused on school-level educational materials and teaching aid productions. We were established in 2010 with the mission to support the ongoing need for audio visual learning tools for all school libraries. We have also become the backbone of Biogenic Aura Crest Academy, an academic research team which plays a major role to support our production unit.

Our History

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The history of SLP Publishing House began in 2003 with the name SLP Media Sdn. Bhd. SLP Media produced its first publication project with the cooperation of  the Dewan Bahasa and Pustaka. The project successfully produced languages books for all primary schools in Malaysia. Under the leadership of Mr. Kenny Chu, the R&D team was formed in 2004 to study on the deficiencies and the needed improvements of today’s education system. With more than 1.5 million capital injection, SLP Media has developed a complete E-Talking Books featuring high-tech sound recording chips for text books covering all languages taught in the mainstream Malaysian schools (BM, English and Mandarin). This was the pioneer project for SLP Media Sdn Bhd which has proven to be a stepping stone for further successes.

Some of our early publications:


In 2007, SLP Media enhanced its market positioning by building up a network of learning centres using the E-Talking Books as the major learning module.

SLP Media then further developed by incorporating the American Teaching Style as an active learning model for teachers.

With the academic support of Hitter Yew, SLP successfully trained hundreds of teachers nationwide to use active learning methodologies in language lessons as a complement to the existing methods in the schools education system of the present.

Thousands of students have enrolled in the SLP learning programmes and have benefited from them.

In 2011, the SLP Media Sdn. Bhd. continued its innovation and creativity development with the establishment by forming a new division focusing on CD and VCD production. This new division was named the “SLP Publishing House”. It was a bold move to lead the SLP team towards a more significant market breakthrough in the local market of audio visual production and educational CD production.

The company now aspires to further develop by introducing character building programmes as well as career guidance programmes based on the Biogenic Model targeting schools counsellors and parents. We earnestly believe that the foundation of wisdom in such collaboration will further enhance the self development of students by introducing more holistic programmes which will ultimately drive our nation forward.




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